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Amherst Neighborhoods


Explorations of the neighborhoods and houses of Amherst, including historical and current maps.

Amherst and the Muses

History and biographies, as well as examples of the works and influences of Amherst's many literary, intellectual, and artistic figures.

Amherst Architecture

Essays and images of Amherst's early and present-day enduring buildings.

Amherst Before 1759

The era from Amherst's settlement to its designation as a district.

Amherst Beyond 2009

Looking ahead to Amherst's future and its continued connection to history.

Amherst's Champions

Amherst's people, places, and events in the fields of sports and entertainment.

Amherst's Changing Physical Landscape

The vastness of Amherst's topography, roads, and population centers, displayed in images, maps, and essays.

Business, Industry, and Transportation

The evolution of local commerce and the development of Amherst as an entrepreneurial and industrial center.

Farming and Agriculture

The land and the people of Amherst's vital farming community.

Peoples of Amherst

Amherst's demographics, ethnicity, and societal organizations from the 19th century to the present.

Teaching and Learning

Information about Amherst as an academic center, including higher education, scholarship, and the local educational system.

War, Peace, and Human Rights

Amherst's role in military conflicts, peace movements, and struggles for human rights.