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Portrait photograph of Clifton Johnson
Article written by Booker T. Washington (with photography by Clifton Johnson) that reflects a casual and personal look into Washington's philosophy and daily life. He relates his fondness for animals, his daily routine, and how the practical aspects…
A black girl is pulling on the well rope of a tall well house while a boy waits with a pail at his feet. Caption on back: "Did you ever see a well that had as high a roof as this from which the children are getting water?"
A black man is walking down the path in front of the line of fenced in houses. Caption on back: "A lane in the negro section of the village"
A black couple is hard at work clearing the ground of palmetto scrub to make way for a garden. Caption on back: "Grubbing up palmetto scrub to clear ground for a garden patch".
A black man and two black boys are packing vegetables in a barnyard to be shipped north. Caption on back: "The two boys are helping a farmer pack tomatoes and cabbages to ship north".
A black boy, sitting in a rowboat, has filled his felt hat with water and is taking a drink from it. Caption on back: "Way down on the Suwanee River. This is the stream which inspired that wonderfully popular song, 'The Old Folks at Home'".
A black boy is about to hit the large hanging broken saw blade which serves as a bell for a poor black church. Captions on back: "Near by is a little church that belongs to the Negroes, and the larger boy is sounding a call to worship" and "Such a…
Flat land populated by thin woods of pine and palmetto scrub, typical of the Florida landscape. Caption on back: "Rockledge: A characteristic landscape - thin pine woods and palmetto scrub".
Since the chickens live in the crawl space under the house, a boy emerges holding his hat with some eggs in it. Caption on back: "Suwanee River: The egg hunter. How many eggs has he in his hat?"
Black students and their teacher (?) stand outside the dilapidated school. Caption on back: "Negro children and their schoolhouse. Such buildings for their race in Southern country regions are far too common"
One black woman has stopped her hoeing to brush the mosquitoes away while she chats with another black woman in front of a house.
Caption on front: "Suwanee River Mosquitoes"
A black woman, smoking a pipe, is handling the laundry from the steaming wash pot that is set on burning embers on the ground. Caption on back: "Suwanee River: The washerwoman"
A black girl has a wooden bucket of water on her head which she is balancing with a hand on each side. Captions on back: 'Suwanee River: The water carrier" and "A girl in a Negro settlement carrying a pail of water home from the spring. She has it on…
Three black boys at play. Captions on back: "Suwanee River: Three comrades" and "The boy at the right is making music with a Jew's harp, and the boy standing is whittling a cane for himself. As for the third boy, he seems to be charmed by the Jew's…
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